Arad's main activities in the field of development and construction of industrial and construction projects is mainmān Definitions of Main adjective chief in size or importance. a main road synonyms: principal, chief, head, leading, foremost, most important, major, ruling, dominant, central, focal, key, prime, master, premier, primary, first, first-line, fundamental, supreme, predominant, (most) prominent, preeminent, paramount, overriding, cardinal, crucial, critical, pivotal, salient, elemental, essential, staple noun a principal pipe carrying water or gas to buildings, or taking sewage from them. a faulty gas main synonyms: pipe, channel, duct, conduit noun a river of southwestern Germany that rises in northern Bavaria and flows west for 310 miles (500 km), through Frankfurt to meet the Rhine River at Mainz. 3 more definitions See also Main, main course, main character, main menu, main idea, the main, main dish, main clause, main square, main street, main road Translations of main adjective اصلی main, original, principal, basic, primary, essential عمده major, main, chief, leading, significant, primary مهم important, significant, main, great, serious, substantial نیرومند strong, powerful, mighty, formidable, vigorous, main با اهمیت important, momentous, main تمام all, entire, whole, full, complete, main کامل perfect, complete, full, full, thorough, main noun دریا sea, holm, mare, flood, channel, main And in this regard and to support the grace of God and committed staff, the success of services in the field of development of our country have been provided. And the business market and challenge established doctrine and influence on economic conditions have caused. Entrepreneurs and craftsmen are difficult to carry out their mission with bottlenecks.